A Bit of Change.

Today was as exciting as it was a breath of fresh air.   We began the morning with breakfast at 8am, and then an intriguing and really tense (but beneficial) discussion of Waitress.While I absolutely adored the musical, I did not realise until today just how torn everyone’s opinions were on it, as many people … More A Bit of Change.


Day three of New York only heightened my expectations of this city even further. While the morning involved a rushed breakfast, absolutely freezing weather, and a terribly long walk to our first destination, the rest of the day unfolded seamlessly.   Our first location was the MET, which was absolutely stunning. We went through all … More Curiosity


Day Two of New York was eventful. The New York daylight welcomes us with some gentle snow, which I’ve been looking forward to seeing as I’ve never seen real snow before. That really set the mood for a successful day, despite how cold it was. At one point I couldn’t feel my toes, even with … More Familiarising.


To say that today was hectic would be an understatement. After frantically racing to the airport I managed to board the plane with no complications. The plane ride was spent watching movies, Game of Thrones, sleeping, and eating. It was during this flight that I got to know a few people in my course, and … More Arrival

Two Sleeps…

With two nights to go, I’m unsure as to how to articulate all of my thoughts for my upcoming trip. There are so many that accumulate as my bags accumulate with luggage that I can only really confess my thoughts, hopes and expectations on this trip in dot points. I’ve never gone overseas like this. … More Two Sleeps…

American Boundaries (American Summative Entry)

“American Literature helps me to expand the boundaries of my own experience.” American Literature is something that I’ve never felt like I’ve understood enough of, so I held very high hopes for this unit. Throughout these twelve weeks, I have definitely held onto some of the areas of study more than others, as I found particular … More American Boundaries (American Summative Entry)