Peer Review #6

Dear Riley,   Your recent blogpost was quite enjoyable! I loved the way in which you were able to highlight the tone throughout Arnold’s text; you were also able to touch on how the structure and word choice guided the direction of the poem. As well as this, you were able to show how word … More Peer Review #6

Peer Review #4

Dear Suzanne, “You cannot call it a marriage when you are arranging it out of a desire to gain wealth or status.” This was a simple yet succinct post, which really made a bold statement! I really enjoyed reading it! You touched on all of the overarching flaws within the marriage between Louisa and Mr Bounderbury … More Peer Review #4

Up! Up! My friend, and Quit Your Books… (Peer review #1)

Marija, This post was really intriguing, and enjoyable to read! I found myself thoroughly engaged with the idea of fear in exploration- or specifically, the fear of exploring new concepts- from the mention of being afraid. The sentence structure really played on this also; as each line became shorter it narrowed the reader down to … More Up! Up! My friend, and Quit Your Books… (Peer review #1)