Peer Review #6


Dear Riley,


Your recent blogpost was quite enjoyable! I loved the way in which you were able to highlight the tone throughout Arnold’s text; you were also able to touch on how the structure and word choice guided the direction of the poem. As well as this, you were able to show how word choice impacted the way that the reader was able to see the stark changes in Arnold’s society that he wanted his audience to see.


My only advice, would be to watch your wording a bit. Moving it away from the Scholar Gypsy towards the downfall of a materialistic society that functions off the greed of wealth” felt a little incomplete, but I felt like that was just the result of an outpour of a whole heap of ideas from you!


Keep it up!




(This was a review of the following blogpost : )




One thought on “Peer Review #6

  1. An excellent peer review Danielle: supportive and creative. It is interesting that you noted her sentence as “a little incomplete”. You could go a step further. This sentence is in fact grammatically not a sentence at all. It is a subject without a verb or an object. It actually needs to be connected to the next sentence following it in Riley’s blog in order for it to be grammatically complete.


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