Lightning Flow (Peer review #5)

Dear Jamie,

I found this post to be really engaging! Your style of writing fit the free-flowing nature of the artwork itself, yet you also touched on the elements of romanticism found in the artwork. I didn’t see much of what you pointed out in this painting during my visit of the gallery, so this was a really refreshing take on an artwork I otherwise would have sadly overlooked. Your ability to point out remarkable shapes and aspects of nature embedded in a painting that seemed otherwise ordinary was perhaps my favourite part of your post. The idea of the waterfall looking like a bolt of lightning was something I found really interesting and compelling. My only piece of advice for you, however, would be to break up your text into two or three paragraphs, just to break up your ideas a little.

(This was a peer review of the following blogpost: )


Source: Accessed: 01/05/17



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