Peer Review #4

Dear Suzanne,

“You cannot call it a marriage when you are arranging it out of a desire to gain wealth or status.” This was a simple yet succinct post, which really made a bold statement! I really enjoyed reading it! You touched on all of the overarching flaws within the marriage between Louisa and Mr Bounderbury by explaining the true meaning of a marriage. According to the oxford dictionary, a marriage is, “The legally or formally recognised union of two people as partners in a personal relationship”. While it is a legal union, the emphasis here is on the personal relationship, which you touched on by pointing out the flaws in Mr Gradgrind’s approach to his daughter’s relationship.

If I were to improve this piece myself, I would throw in a few rhetorical questions as I imagine that would at least get Mr Grangrind -in the context of reading this letter written to him- or readers thinking of the romantic essence of marriage. Overall, highly enjoyable!

(This is a peer review of the following blogpost: )


Credit: Anista Designs, Accessed: 16/04/17




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