Blog 3 Week 5 (Peer review #3)

Dear Alina,

The depiction of Sydney that you presented was something that I found, really captured the aesthetic of the city from an external outlook. The central ideas of bustle as well as calm observation were a nice balance, regardless of the stark contrast between the busy and the quiet. I really enjoyed your insight on how vast the city is, both in architecture and nature, to the people and stories that pass through it. The listing of the types of weather that occurred over the 24 hours mentioned, also allowed for a more continuous idea of the city, as this painted a very clear image of Sydney across different seasons and weather patterns that are indeed, part of what makes Sydney itself. The mention of Victorian influence was also really good! It touched on our current topic, so that’s also really helpful. Maybe even a photo of the Queen Victoria Building would have added a little extra to this blog. The only other thing I would do to change it, would be to just go over it and ensure there are enough commas put in place, to break up the narration a little. This would also help to give it a bit more flow, as the narrator is recalling iconic parts of the city as if from memory as well as what they currently see.

Photo taken by me overlooking Sydney from Taronga Zoo.

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