Music of Knowledge

(CREATIVE “Expostulation and Reply”)



Young one, as you sit upon a still stone,

And turn over pages inside your brain

Think! For a book is worth as many words as it holds.

But an image is worth a thousand to one.


For to squat upon such a still, quiets form

Only stills the mind, and freezes the heart

Of true passion and learning, experiences galore,

Leaving eyes blind to the artistry sculpted above


From the breath of air and the flow of leaves

That fall gently around you. From Land to Sea

Is wisdom evolving until we’re anything but grieving

The abundance of knowledge! How beautiful and sweet!


Is this stroke of paint that we call our home,

Made of God’s gentle touch, or because our minds explore

to be quenched by the river, or the flowers that grow

the wise words of ancestors, grown from mind and soul.


Revolving in routine, knowledge is built around

and across generations, across the span of time.

The music of Knowledge, what a delectable sound!

Like fine wine, it ages, ‘til it’s smooth as rhyme.


Mother Earth, she has blessed us, with such vivid lanes

Clouds of invisible ink, waiting to be shown

And show off their colours against stone grey brains

And powers of ancestral wisdom, waiting to be honed!


Let time be no waste, let it be put to good use

Open up! Stand your ground! Fill your lungs with good air

Let your narrow mind close books, and to nature reveal to be obtuse

Burn the paper to stubs, let Nature take up care.


Let your eyes be your mind, let your fingers be your pen

As the sweet summer air takes your breath back again

And as the clouds pass, your young heart will then

Swell up with the image of words on art.



Photo Credit: Thompson, Melissa. Available at: Accessed: 20/03/17



2 thoughts on “Music of Knowledge

  1. HI Danielle, this is a really interesting response to the poem and shows some deep exploration of the subject- good work!
    However, some of your expressions (quite a few) don’t make good sense. You need to keep a sharp eye out for those phrases that your reader would have difficulty with. Here are a few examples:
    sit upon still stone (? a still stone)
    still of a form (??)
    purely off mind and soul. (? of)
    Also try to include some visual elements in your blog.


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