Engraved in my Mind

CREATIVE Write a paragraph of prose in the style of Henry Lawson. The dry air fills my lungs in a weird sort of comforting way, like a congested hug from a friend that you can’t detach from. Slightly uncomfortable, very constricting, but welcome. The wheels that tread the reddened ground raise the individual pieces of … More Engraved in my Mind

Fire and Ice.

Critical: Do you share Robert Frost’s belief that “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom…it runs a course of lucky events, and ends in a clarification of life.” “The Figure a Poem Makes” (250-251)? If possible try to explain in your own words what you understand by this statement. Can you give an example of a poem … More Fire and Ice.


  Creative: Charles Harpur’s love sonnets to Rosa are a model for all love sonnets. Using the style and structure of a Harpur sonnet, write a love sonnet to your own beloved! Can you create images as fiery as his!   To the one that makes me laugh, until my laugh sounds acceptably okay the … More Eighteen.

Horrid Humanity

Critical: How does Baldwin through his language technique succeed in immersing his reader in the experience of his characters? Chose any section of his amazing story “Going to Meet the Man”   “Going to Meet the Man” by James Baldwin is a truly horrific piece of work, but genius in its horrifying nature. The novel introduces … More Horrid Humanity